Bump diary: week 13

This week we’ve finally been able to start telling people. Well I have anyway, S has only told one person at work and a couple of friends. We had already told our families at Christmas when they spotted what T’s t-shirt said, although it took a few moments to click!

IMG-20160116-WA0002It’s been great to share my excitement with friends, and explain to my colleagues how rough I’ve been feeling and why I’ve not been pulling my weight as much as normal (especially after 3pm when I’m no good to anyone).

I’m starting to feel a little less sick (finally!) although the food aversions are still continuing. I’ve had a couple of cravings this week though- I can’t get enough nachos or jam roly poly!

I’ve felt massive on a couple of occasions this week, although the bump seems to vary in size throughout the day- I get a very pronounced food baby at times! Considering I didn’t start showing at all until 15 weeks last time, it felt very strange to be putting on maternity jeans at 13 weeks. But this week it has stopped disappearing when I lie down, so I know it’s baby now and not just flab!

I’ve been getting pelvic girdle pain since about 8/9 weeks (amazing how everything seems to happen earlier in the second pregnancy!) but it’s got much more noticeable this week. I don’t get SPD which is from the symphysis pubis joint at the front of the pelvis, but I do get pain from the sacroiliac joints at the back. I’ve also been getting round ligament pain in the last couple of days. I think I’ll mention it to the midwife at my next appointment as I can’t afford to see a chiropractor this time.

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