Bump diary: week 12

We had our scan this week and all was well with baby! I was really nervous while we were sat in the waiting room but as soon as that picture flashed up on the screen and the sonographer said, ‘there’s the heart flickering away,’ all the worries and discomforts of the last view weeks vanished in an instant.

12 weeks d bwTurns out we have a very photogenic baby. He (we’ve decided to refer to the baby as ‘he’ instead of ‘it’ as it sounds nicer, and we’re pretty sure it’s another boy) was lying in the perfect position and stayed still while the sonographer got all the measurements she needed. He also waved to us and we saw his little foot (1cm long!). Then once we’d got some gorgeous clear pictures and all the measurements, he rolled over and had a little kick.


20160105_152922It’s such a magical experience seeing your baby for the very first time. It really makes it seem so much more real.

He was measuring 5.4cm crown-rump which put me at 12 + 1 weeks, exactly matching the midwife’s dates, but I was so sure of my dates making me 11 + 4, that the sonographer agreed to use the due date I had. This means I am officially due 22nd July! Obviously I know babies turn up when they want to, but I’m so pleased that the hospital aren’t going to think I’m 4 days overdue when it’s actually my due date, especially as I plan to be booked in for an elective c-section (which I really don’t want) if I go overdue.

11 weeks

13 weeks

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