Bump diary: week 11

Happy new year! Although I’m very excited for what 2016 has in store for our family, I’m getting so fed up of feeling like crap. It seems to have quite a predictable pattern: the nausea isn’t generally too bad in the morning (as long as I eat regularly) but it starts after lunch and gradually gets worse through the day until I spend the evening moaning to S about how sick and bloated I feel. I’ve also only been sick right before I go to bed. It’s quite different to last time because I really don’t remember there being any pattern, it just seemed to be all the time.

11 weeks d bwOne thing I do remember last time is being 11/12 weeks and thinking I should be feeling better by now! I’m holding out hope that the sickness, food aversions and tiredness will stop at 14 weeks like last time (if not before!). I think things must be improving slightly because I’ve stopped losing weight now; I lost 4 pounds since finding out I was pregnant, but last time I weighed myself I found I’ve put on a pound, so only another 3 pounds until I’m back to my pre-pregnancy weight.

A bit of a weird pregnancy symptom I’ve had is I’ve got so much saliva! I try to read little T a story and start dribbling- I’m hoping this passes soon, it’s really not attractive.

Not that I’m too worried about looking attractive at the moment, poor S literally can’t come near me- let alone with ‘that thing.’ Hoping for the sake of our marriage that this improves soon too.

On the plus side though, I’ve got my 12 week scan on Tuesday. I’m excited but nervous. I really hope the last 7 weeks of feeling awful haven’t been for nothing. I think it will really start to feel real when I actually see our little bean on the screen.

10 weeks

12 weeks

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