Bump diary: week 10

Woohoo, double figures! Although the first trimester feels like it’s dragging with feeling so rough and waiting for my scan, at the same time, it’s actually going pretty quickly!

10 weeks d bwThis week I met friends for our traditional pre-Christmas lunch. As I was getting ready I realised that my tummy was sticking out a bit more than normal. Now, following pregnancy with T and with my wonderful c-section overhang, I certainly don’t have a flat stomach any more. But, despite losing 4 pounds since finding out I was pregnant, I definitely had a bit more of a belly than usual. I asked S if he thought my friends might guess and my charming husband said, ‘don’t worry you’re at the “is she pregnant or just fat?” stage’. Thanks, darling.

I can’t believe I’m showing already though. I didn’t notice any changes until 15 weeks last time. I know the baby is the size of an olive so it’s clearly not baby, but I’ve read that your body remembers what to do (‘this thing is going to get huge- better make some room’), and your abdominal muscles aren’t as strong when you’ve been pregnant before. It’s still going to be a good few weeks until it’s a definite bump, but I’m really excited to see my body starting to change.

Anyway, happy Christmas everyone, I hope you enjoy your pate and brie and prosecco and stilton. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine with my orange juice and plain crackers.

9 weeks

11 weeks

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