Bump Diary: 40 weeks

With events of the last couple of days I’m extremely glad baby has decided to wait. (By the way, my mantra now is that baby isn’t late, he/she will arrive exactly when they’re supposed to!).

Little T had a cold that left him so wheezy that his inhaler wasn’t working. We ended up seeing the duty doctor at our GP’s on my due date. She gave him a nebuliser which didn’t help, so ended up sending us by ambulance to hospital. I really thought if I was going to hospital on my due date it would be for me!

Little T was excited about the idea of going in the ambulance but got a little bit scared when we got in. There was heavy traffic on the way to the hospital so they put on the lights and sirens for a bit, which Little T informed me was because we were chasing burglars! He then snuggled up and went to sleep for the rest of the journey.

At the hospital I was expecting to sit in the waiting room for several hours before being seen, which is what happened last time we were sent in. Instead we were taken straight through to a trolley and Little T was hooked up to a monitor and immediately seen by a doctor and several nurses- this is never a good sign. He needed oxygen, steroids and nebuliser after nebuliser until his breathing eventually settled and his oxygen levels came back up to normal.

Throughout all of this he was chatting away to the nurses and playing with toys. It was quite strange to see my normally shy little boy so confident in what could have been a strange and frightening situation for him. One proud mama right here.

We stayed in A and E for a few hours before being sent to a ward. I stayed with him overnight and got very little sleep because his nurse had to come and check on him regularly. He improved a lot and came home today; although he would have happily stayed and played with all the new toys!

I’m so very glad I didn’t have a newborn to think about while all this was going on. Especially as at nighttime, Little T will only settle for me, it would have been awful to leave my little boy knowing that he would wake up in the night asking, ‘Where Mummy?’ I think all the staff in A and E and on the ward were also very glad I didn’t go into labour while we were there- they all asked when baby was due and look decidedly nervous when I said, ‘today’!

Going into labour was a very real possibility too, I began having hours of regular Braxton Hicks about a week and a half before my due date. On the morning of my due date I also had my ‘show’. I had a stretch and sweep at my consultant’s appointment on Wednesday which led to 12 hours of mild contractions. Apparently my cervix was already 1cm dilated and 1.5cm long. Definitely all signs baby is on its way soon!

My consultant appointment went really well. I was worried they would try and convince me to book a c-section for 41 weeks if I hadn’t gone into labour by then. But the first thing he said was that they would let me go to 42 weeks, which I’m so happy about because I really want to give my body the best chance possible to go into labour.

So, this is my last update as baby will definitely be here in 2 weeks time!

38 weeks

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