Bump Diary: 36 weeks

It’s time for my 36 week bump update, but it feels a bit overshadowed by the news today that Britain has voted to leave the European Union

I’m disappointed and, quite frankly, ashamed to be British right now. I’m angry that the facists have won (Britain First, the EDL and UKIP are all delighted with the result) and that the older generation has gambled on mine and my children’s futures. I’m worried about the impact on the economy, the possibility of negative equity, and, most of all, the effect on the NHS. My European colleagues, the Spanish nurses, the Eastern Europeans who do the jobs British people aren’t prepared to do, they are such a huge part of the NHS workforce, I can’t see how the NHS can survive without free migration within the EU.

Anyway, on a happier note, I’m just one week away from being classed as full term. It still feels like baby is a long way off being born though. I remember feeling like this with little T- people were panicking that I hadn’t packed my hospital bag by 36 weeks (I haven’t this time either), but I knew (mother’s instinct?) that he wouldn’t be born for another month.

Baby has continued to be really active- lots of kicks, rolls and hiccups. And practising breathing, which is a new one on me. It’s a rhythmic movement like hiccups, but much more gentle.

The main pregnancy symptom I’m getting at the moment is extreme tiredness. I feel completely exhausted all the time and it means I can’t be the Mummy that little T needs. It’s not good for my feelings of Mummy guilt as I wanted to spend as much quality time as possible with little T over the next few weeks before his little world is turned upside down.

My 34 week midwife appointment went well. All is good with baby and me. I also had a blood test which showed really healthy iron levels, so my tiredness is just regular pregnancy tiredness, my body telling me I need to slow down a bit.

That’s all I can think of for now, I’ll be back with another update (maybe my last?!) in 2 weeks.

34 weeks

4 thoughts on “Bump Diary: 36 weeks

    • Helen Post author

      I know, it’s really scary how fast it’s gone! It’s got to that exciting time now- baby could literally arrive any day (37 weeks tomorrow)!

  1. Sarah HP

    Wow your pregnancy has flown by (but probably doesn’t feel like that to you)! I was 36 weeks when I had my twins. Good luck with the last few weeks you are on the home straight (and bin that mummy guilt you are doing your best).

    • Helen Post author

      Haha, no it feels like it to me as well! My first pregnancy seemed to drag on forever but I’m willing time to slow down a little bit at the moment! Thank you, I’m trying to cut myself some slack but I can’t help feeling bad for little T.


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