Bump Diary: 31 weeks

I’ve been terrible at keeping up with my bump updates, well, actually blogging in general! I’ve not posted anything for weeks- bad blogger!

I’m on the wind down to finishing work for maternity leave now. Although I can’t wait, part of me is sad as last time I went back to work after maternity leave so many people had left it was like starting a new job! Two people are leaving soon and I know there’ll be others. I also know it will be the last time I will see a lot of my patients as a lot of them are on palliative treatment and will sadly no longer be with us when I go back next year.

I had a midwife appointment at 28 weeks which was all good, and baby had turned head down (little monkey had been breech at my scan the previous week!).

I’ve had a few little third trimester niggles. I remember from my pregnancy with little T getting nerve pain at the top of my bump and that’s come back again. It’s like a burning, numb pain and it’s really annoying. I saw a chiropracter last time which didn’t really help so I’m just going to have to live with it. I’ve also been having multiple toilet trips every night and my pelvic pain/SPD is still there. But I’m really not complaining, it is such an amazing feeling to know I’m growing a little person, especially as it’s something I’m probably never going to experience again.

Something that’s surprised me is how this baby seems to be moving in a completely different way to how little T did. I’m getting lots of big rolls and kicks, but also sometimes baby will kick the same spot really quickly about 10 times in a row, or another trick is to push out its legs and bum at the same time and have a little stretch! It amazes me how they are different already and it makes me excited to meet this little person who’s going to have their own unique personality.

I’m starting to feel more confident about my ability to cope with two now, I’m not quite so terrified at the prospect any more. Seeing how much little T loves my bump and is so gentle, I’m not quite so worried that we’re ruining his life; I know he’s going to adore this baby and be the most incredible big brother.

In terms of preparing for baby, there is still so much to do which is starting to make me a little stressed as I’ve probably only got about 2 months left! Hopefully once I’m on maternity leave we can at least sort out the big stuff like moving T to a big boy bed and buying a new car seat so I can relax a bit! One thing we have managed to do is come up with a girl’s name (I think!). Absolutely no idea what we will call a boy though (so it’s bound to be a boy!).

I’ll try to get back to doing more regular bump updates now, as I don’t want to forget all the little details about this pregnancy!

28 weeks

34 weeks

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