Bump diary: week 8/9

I didn’t manage to write an update last week because I ended up spending the day at hospital with little T, so here is my update for 8 and 9 weeks pregnant.

9 weeks d bwThe sickness really peaked at the 8 week mark. I had a couple of days of feeling truly awful and actually threw up for the first time. Now the constant nausea is still there, along with strong food aversions, but I don’t feel like I’m actually going to throw up. I hate most food and drink, especially the thought of tea and alcohol- they really turn my stomach. I have, however, developed a love of McCoy’s prawn crisps and insisted that S buy cake with fresh strawberries (in December!). The level of nausea and the food aversions are so similar to my pregnancy with little T it just adds to my feeling that I’m having another boy.

The tiredness is still making my life miserable, looking after a toddler is so exhausting when you just want to sleep. I’m finding it so much harder this time round, even though I was working full time during my last pregnancy. I have absolutely no idea how people with more than one child cope with pregnancy!

But, I’m not complaining, really (well maybe just a little bit). I feel so grateful to be pregnant again, especially as I know two people who have miscarried since I found out I was pregnant. I just can’t wait until my scan to find out if everything’s okay. I’m still getting period-like cramps occasionally, which I’m sure had stopped by this point last time. Fortunately I’ve not had any bleeding (I had spotting at 7 weeks last time). When I was pregnant with T we paid for a private scan at 7 weeks, and, as much as I’d love to know that things are going well before we tell family at Christmas, I just can’t justify the expense when my NHS scan is on 5th January.

7 weeks

10 weeks

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