Bump diary: week 4

Well, assuming my period doesn’t arrive today or tomorrow, today I’m 4 weeks pregnant. It still feels very surreal to be saying that!

4 weeks d bwI told S when he got home from work on Wednesday and he was delighted, excitedly telling T he was going to get a little brother or sister. It was a really lovely reaction. Once the excitement had worn off (as well as insisting that he has super-sperm!), S started to go into planning mode, wondering how we are going to fit two highchairs at our dining table that is squeezed into a corner of our living room.

Every time I go to the loo and find that my period hasn’t started, I feel like celebrating a little. The trouble with finding out so early is that there’s a reasonable chance that my period could turn up on time or a few days late meaning that this was a chemical pregnancy. So I’m taking things one day at a time and hoping my little pip is a sticky one.

This will be our happy little secret for another week or so. That’s when I will start arranging midwife appointments etc. I also need to tell work fairly early on because I handle some pretty nasty chemicals in the form of chemotherapy.

I’m feeling fine at the moment. In fact I feel *really* hungry. I wonder if this is because my body knows that I will struggle to eat anything for about 8 weeks in the near future if my pregnancy with T is anything to go by. I’ve also been falling asleep when I’ve been putting T to bed this week. I’m sure it’s too early for this to be pregnancy related, though. I’m also still getting period-like cramps and feel a little bloated.

I’ve got a few worries about how I’m going to cope with looking after T, both during pregnancy and with a newborn. Throughout the day, I keep thinking, ‘how on earth would I have time to look after a newborn too?!’ I’m sure I’ll manage, but I just can’t imagine it right now!

5 weeks

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