What happens to golden parenting moments if you have another baby?

Yesterday T woke up grumpy from his nap so I gave him lots of cuddles. Then he lay down with his little head in my lap and I stroked his face and hair for ages. At one point I took my hand off his face and he reached for my hand and put it back. Then we went downstairs and sat cuddling and reading stories. It was one of those golden moments when motherhood is awesome.

Mummy T selfieIt got me thinking though. If you read my post about deciding when to have number 2, you’ll know that S and I are hoping to have another baby. My beautiful bonding time with T yesterday wouldn’t have been quite the same if I had been trying to calm a colicky newborn at the same time. And what if baby number two wanted me to sit on the floor lovingly stroking their face? How could I manage to do that with a boisterous toddler trying to destroy the house while my back was turned?

What happens to these golden moments if you have another baby? I’m worried that I would miss out on precious times like this with T because I’d be treading water day after day, trying not to drown in a sea of nappies and washing, a screaming newborn attached to my boob. I’m worried that baby number 2 wouldn’t get the same quality time that T gets in abundance because they would always be trying to compete for Mummy’s attention with the precious first born.

So, mums with more than one, please tell me it’s not all bad. What do you love about having more than one child?

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4 thoughts on “What happens to golden parenting moments if you have another baby?

  1. Rachel

    The golden moments change. I read this whilst at the breakfast table (argh cardinal sin!) watching Dylan making Jude laugh in his high chair. It was magic!
    I can only speak from my experience (obviously!). There are 3 years between Dylan and Jude. I actually wanted another sooner but I’m pleased with the way it worked. Dylan was of an age where he could understand I couldn’t always give him full attention.
    They both still get lots of cuddles – sometimes double cuddles. Ok yes it can be overwhelming at times. But you also feel like superwoman when they are both happy, content, fed, watered and asleep at the end of the day.
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