Play Time: Pom poms in a bottle

This is one of T’s favourite toys. It took about 5 minutes to make using a bag of pompoms from Hobbycraft and an empty squash bottle. It is a brilliant sensory toy for babies from about 6 months plus who would enjoy looking at all the different colours and watching how the pompoms move as they shake the bottle.

Pinnable sensory toyNow T’s a little older we let him play with the bottle with the lid off (supervised!). He loves to shake all the pompoms out…

Emptying pompoms…then pick each one up an put it back in the bottle. It’s great for developing his fine motor skills, especially as I made it using lots of different sized of pompoms.

Returning pompomsHe does still try to eat them though, and isn’t best pleased when we stop him!

2015-07-15 17.48.11After reading this brilliant post by Carly aka Mummy, we are trying to use more figures and interaction when playing with T to encourage his speech development. We make up little stories with his construction workers and diggers to move the pompoms around.

Diggers and pompomsWe’re also naming the colours of the pompoms and counting while we play, although these are a little beyond him at the moment.

So simple yet so much fun!


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