One- the most difficult age so far

Today has been a difficult day. There have been tears from both of us. I’m not proud to admit that I lost my sh*t and shouted at my innocent little boy, instantly feeling like the worst mum ever.

So far I’m finding having a one year old is not all it’s cracked up to be. Little T will be 16 months in a couple of days and is sometimes a bit of a handful.

Sure, there are improvements on last year- the main one being that just before his birthday T finally figured out how to SLEEP! Walking was quite cute, although the novelty’s starting to wear off a bit now, maybe because he’s getting taller and can get to stuff that I still think is out of his reach.

He is going through a particularly clingy phase at the moment, meaning preparing meals, hanging out the washing or going to the toilet are all done with a toddler clinging to my leg, whining intermittently.

Tantrums began several months ago. This morning his whole little body was literally shaking with rage because I had the audacity to try and help him with his breakfast. He will throw himself on the floor when I ask him to do something he doesn’t want to do. Every request I make is met with with a disdainful raspberry.

I’m hoping that I can blame his lack of communication, at least in part, for some of this difficult behaviour. For months I’ve been eagerly anticipating the first word, the beginning of two-way conversation between us. I can’t wait for him to talk and to hear about all the stuff going on in his cute little head. But still nothing. Not a sausage. Not even a Mama.

We do have fun too. When I do my best slapstick comedy routine, he will be in fits of giggles, dropping to the floor in uncontrollable laughter. He squeals with excitement when I chase him or play peekaboo.

I hope this is just a phase. I feel so guilty for wishing for a time when he can communicate with me, tell me what he wants, play by himself, when I should be enjoying every precious moment.

I love the bones of him, but I’m finding this age challenging to say the least. Oh well, everyone raves about how easy 2 year olds are, right??

What do you think? Is one a difficult age, or is this nothing compared to what’s yet to come?

4 thoughts on “One- the most difficult age so far

  1. Helen C

    Oh I remember this phase well. At the time it seems like it will never end but it does. Eventually. Only to move on to some different phases – sometimes as equally as challenging but I found it easier when I could reason with them (or bribe them!).

    It’s hard for this not to test the most tolerant of parents. But try not to be too hard on yourself. We all have days like this and I’m sure we’ve all lost it at times. You’re not alone 🙂 Helen x
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    • Helen Post author

      Thank you for your lovely comment, it’s so good to know that I’m not alone- it really feels like it some days. That day I felt like such an awful mum 🙁

      I’ve found each stage tough for different reasons, but I guess no one ever said being a parent was going to be easy. Very much looking forward to starting the bribery, though! xx

    • Helen Post author

      Wow, that sounds like hard work! But lovely that they’ll grow up to be so close. I’ve already seen how quickly he’s growing up and I feel so bad for wishing the difficult times away, I think you’re right I need to embrace the tough times along with the good 🙂


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