Mummy’s little helper

IMG_3297For months T has been fascinated by the washing machine. As a baby he used to sit watching it as it spun round and round. Now he’s older he loves to press the buttons and turn the dial (which is great until you don’t realise he’s paused it and washing that should be finished has barely started).

This morning though he absolutely amazed me though.

He kept pushing the button to start the wash. He listened very carefully while I explained that you have to put clothes in first. I asked him if he wanted Mummy to do some washing and he nodded excitedly.

So he waited patiently while I went upstairs to get some laundry (this is a BIG deal, he has been so clingy recently he would never have calmly let me go upstairs without him- he would have screamed until I got back).

When I got back downstairs he pointed up at the cupboard where I keep the washing liquid capsules. He pointed to the drum of the machine (which is where the capsules go). He watched me put it in the machine then helped me add the clothes. I asked him what we do next and he pointed to the cupboard where I keep the fabric softener then trotted back to the drawer where it goes in the machine.

Once the machine was ready to run I asked what happens next and he repeatedly pushed the ‘start’ button. I showed him which order we need to press the buttons in then we set the machine running.

I was bursting with pride the whole time. My 16 month old knows how to do a load of washing! (I’m not convinced that my brothers know how to do that, and they’re in their twenties). He constantly astounds me with how much he understands and he really is as bright as a button.

Although a toddler showing so much intelligence is great, the best thing about this is that I can really start training him to do the housework now. I reckon in a couple of years I could have him emptying the dishwasher, doing all the washing, vacuuming and a bit of light gardening. I no longer need to try and convince my husband to get a cleaner, we can just get our boy to do it for free! While I blog, drink tea and daydream about bunnies. There are definitely some perks to this parenting lark.

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8 thoughts on “Mummy’s little helper

  1. LauraCYMFT

    Awww! What a great helper! Can you bring him to show my husband? LOL. It’s amazing what they learn just from watching us doing the ordinary every day things.

    • Helen Post author

      Haha, no problem I’ll drop him round for a few hours while I get my nails done! It makes me realise how closely he must watch us, and makes me worry what bad habits I might be teaching him too!

    • Helen Post author

      Hahaha, they do love the buttons, don’t they. I actually discovered my machine has a child lock after I posted this- I was unbelievably excited- then I had a little cry when I realised what my life has become!!


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