Baby Club: How to survive maternity leave

On Friday T and I met up with two of my ‘mummy friends’ that I met when I was on maternity leave, along with their little ones, F and J. We went to the ‘Rhymetime’ session at our local library that involves lots of singing and silliness and toddlers running amok (with my one in particular having a penchant for sprinting towards the door when I least expect it).


20151002_111748.jpgAfter the session, as T, F and J climbed on the wooden train in the library, we decided to wander into town for some lunch. After some shenanigans involving climbing and pretending to drive the train, we headed to a favourite local cafe. There was heavenly signing, harp music and a light shining down from above when all three toddlers sat patiently in their highchairs while we drank hot coffee and gossiped.

There are six of us in our little group of mummies, although one of them has just emigrated to Dubai (sob). These ladies helped me to survive my maternity leave. We met up every week and talked about standard mummy topics: weaning, teething and the big one, sleep. We laughed, we commiserated, we drank tea and braved the dreaded soft play. We talked about grown up things, shared birth (horror) stories, went out drinking on my first ‘mummies night out.’

They made me feel like I was actually doing ok at this whole mummy thing. They always had my back, and they made me realise that nobody’s perfect. When I shamefully admitted to shouting at my baby because he Just. Wouldn’t. Sleep. two of the others immediately chimed in with, ‘yes, I did the same thing.’ I don’t know what I would’ve done without them.

If you’d told me when I was pregnant that I would meet this amazing group of women and make new friends I would have laughed in your face. I am truly terrible at meeting new people (probably because I laugh in people’s faces when they tell me something improbable). I am the most shy person I know. The thought of baby groups would have brought me out in a cold sweat (still does).

But somehow at the post-natal sessions for first time mums run by our health visitors, something incredible happened. Even through our sleep-deprived fog, we somehow recognised kindred spirits in each other’s sick-stained, not-showered-in-days, I’m-so-tired-I-may-actually-just-f*cking-die, new mummy expressions. In the sh*tstorm that is new motherhood, we clung to one another, the seeds of friendship being sown during the numerous coffee mornings, playdates and chats on our ‘Baby Club’ Whatsapp group.

Just in case you’re wondering, the miracle of three toddlers sitting still didn’t last long. There was one meltdown, two climbing on sofas, one refusal to eat and copious amounts of food on the floor, but it was fun while it lasted.

I’m joining in with the lovely Mum Muddling Through’s brand new #CoolMumClub linky, because our little group of friends is one cool mums’ club!

12 thoughts on “Baby Club: How to survive maternity leave

    • Helen Post author

      I didn’t realise at the time how lucky I was, but they really made my maternity leave- I would have been so lonely without them. Thanks for hosting 🙂 xx

    • Helen Post author

      Wow, that’s great that you’re still friends 4 years down the line! I didn’t realise how much I would need mum friends until I had them x

  1. A Moment with Franca

    Oh this is something that I missed. I didn’t join an NCT group before so I didn’t get to know other mummies like me. This is something that I regret a lot so now that my second daughter is 14 months I will try to join some baby clubs around the area as I think it is super important to know other mummies that are experiencing the same than me! 🙂 xx
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    • Helen Post author

      I didn’t do NCT, so for someone as shy as me, it’s nothing short of a miracle that I actually managed to make some mummy friends! I hope you meet some nice mummies at the baby groups xx


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